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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Posted Monday, September 23rd 2013 @ 10am

In Northern Colorado, our neighbors are always want to help out our neighbors in times of tragedy. So we're posting a listing of those who are looking to help or provide help right here on our websites.  

Please e-mail or send a message on the "Shoutout" or "Comment" box on the front page of our website if you need help or want to help, and we will post it here. Please leave information how you can help or need help and a way that you can be contacted. 

Our friends at Radio 94.9 are also allowing you to use their voicemail to leave a message if you need or want to help. Call or Text 970-439-1949 if you would like to leave a voice message. 

***Please Be Courteous*** For those willing to provide a phone number, please be mindful of the time you are contacting them, and also let them know you are calling them from the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" page on our website. 

I Need Help 

  • Ember D. lives on Kenwood Street in Commerce City. All the streets above hers drain onto her street. She's been told by the city that they are aware of the problem, but do not have the budget to do anything about it. Her home, along with many on our street were flooded. How can you help her and her neighbors to get thier homes in order? E-mail
  • There is a need for 25+ volunteers for 3 shifts throughout the day 7AM-7PM every day this week at the Disaster Recovery Center. The center will need volunteers to serve from 10AM - 6PM for the next 6 months. 
  • Gateway Baptist Church just south of 1st and Taft was completely flooded and has the need for many hands to help cleanup. Everything from mud removal in the parking lots, removal of dry wall, cleaning carpets, and steam cleaning etc. is needed. Check out their work schedule on their website
  • Charles lives in Estes Park and is in need of some help getting medications. He is willing to work for anyone that can help me out. The medication he is on are very expensive, and he has not worked since the storms, but not from the lack of trying. You can contact us at 970-439-1949 and we will provide you his phone number. 

I Want to Help 

  • Shawn Padilla - has pickup truck, can provide rides to residents needing to go to a shelter. Contact via phone (720) 296-0797
  • Jennifer is ready and wants to volunteering for our community. Please email her at
  • Kieth writes in and says "I can help businesses with recovering from the flood.  15 years of security, emergency response and management experience.  I can be contacted at 970-988-2224 via text or phone call."
  • Jo, a senior at Berthoud High School has gathered up over 20 other Berthoud community members that all want to help. We have trucks and are willing to help in any way! E-mail
  • Rebecca & Robert Evenson of Cheyenne wrote into us to say their family wants to help the Northern Colorado Community. Whether you need them for a day to deliver goods, labor, clean a disaster area or anything hands on, the family of four is ready to get their hands dirty. They quartet consists of Rebecca, Robert, a 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son. Please call or text 970-439-1949 to get the family's phone number. 
  • Magnum Motors of Loveland has 4 pallets of bottled water they are giving away. Stop by their location at 5900 S. College Ave to pick some up, especially if you are in an area where water quality is compromised. 
  • Charlotte has Thursday and Friday free and wants to help any way she can. Please call or text 970-439-1949 to get her contact information. 
  • Jennifer Sage has family and friends who are willing to do manual labor (debris removal/bagging, cleaning of house, yard, etc.) You can e-mail her with your needs -
  • Do you have a wedding planned in Colorado and finding plans for the big day are in jeopardy? Volunteers want to help you. Call 720-381-4110 pr go to
  • Spa 4 Paws and 4 Paws Pet Pantry is offering shelter for displaced pets, dog and cat food, and cat litter for evacuated families. To help those displaced, they are in need of kennels, dog/cat bowls, dog/cat food and litter. If you are able to help or have questions, please contact April or Heather at 970-484-7297.
  • Tom K. is ready to help out however you need him. Please call him at 970-682-8547
  • The Longmont High School Class of 2003 was planning to meet this weekend, but due to the recent flooding, decided to cancel the reunion and instead help with flood relief/cleanup. With a large group of classmates gathering, the decision was that this would be an appropriate event to hold.

    Classmates will start to arrive Thursday and will be here through the weekend. To get in touch with an organizer, please e-mail Courtney Schell at or call (308) 850-4542. 
  • Mark and Beth Waite have a dually one-ton truck that can pull most trailers and equipment. They also have a work truck that can help move dirt, trash, or what ever you need. They are willing to help with hands on stuff where ever they can. Contact Mark at 970-691-0955.
  • Lynette Robinson has about 20 bales of cow hay and would like to donate to whoever can use it. She’ll even deliver it! Call 970-817-1588 if you want to get some hay! 
  • Bree from Aurora holds the areas affected by the floods close to her heart and would love to help. She is willing to help with clean up and rebuilding. If you want to get in contact with Bree, please call or text 970-439-1949!
  • Did you lose a guitar? Briana W. has an acoustic guitar sitting in her house. If you are someone that lost everything in the floods and loves to play guitar, she will be more than happy to give it to you! Please call or text 970-439-1949 and we will connect you with her! 
  • Darla Sandage lives near Denver and is willing to help in any way. While she is limited on time because of a work schedule, she is willing to work around it. To get in contact with Darla, e-mail

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