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Keri Noble

Celebs! They're chopping off their hair!

Celebs!  They're chopping off their hair!

And of course they look good. Let’s talk about who’s wearing it best.

January Jones- changes up style, plays with length/angles and of course is the modern icon of vintage style.

Check her out!

Michelle Williams- maintains shape while playing with shades of blonde/dimension-LV ad cause for revolution!

See her here!

-did J.Law steal her practical joke?
-changed length, blonder-“root” look, how to achieve this?

Jennifers cutting their hair!

Jennifer Aniston- shape manageable, she’s done this in the past, but not this cropped!

Jennifer Lawrence MISS. Is it real/a wig? Are we being pranked?! This one is a little too Kate Gosling for me. Sorry bout it.

Check them out here!

Jennifer Hudson- Amazing. She has the perfect bone structure to bare it all and the texture in the shape gives her look versatility and a modern edge.

Check her out here!

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